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Extra offer, two stone houses with restaurant and ponto

Extra offer, two stone houses with restaurant and ponto
Extra offer, two stone houses with restaurant and ponto
Extra offer, two stone houses with restaurant and ponto
Текст объявления:
Prcanj - Kotor - Montenegro

I am selling two stone houses, yard with restaurant,pier) the small beautiful resort on fist line beside the sea.
The property has made with love and each stone done with passion.
Property is well maintained and always in good shape.
Presently there are in progress installation of surveillance system and some additional cosmetics works
on second floor and in the restaurant.
I hope that you are enjoy staying in the restaurant and visiting my property and sure that you know well about its beauty.
Some more details about property:
Beautiful mid century small resort with own authentic restaurant beside sea in most beautiful
bays in the world being considered as one of ten most beautiful bays in the world under protection
of Unesco Organization, the bay of Kotor hides one of the most beautiful nooks at the southernmost fiord in Europe.
In addition to two houses, one of which is on the first line from the sea (325m2) and second of 84m2,
there is also a 360 m2 pontoon.
A part of 150m2 is devoted to the restaurant, and the rest is a boat and parking lot.
Within the large house there are three one-bedroom lux apartments of 30m2 and a luxurious duplex
of 85m2 with balcony.
There is a seaside restaurant in Mediterranean style of 100m2 on the ground floor of the larger house,
that has been working for nine years.

The price is just 2,2 m euros

TEL +382 69 041 157 (viber, whatsapp)

+382 69 059 911 (viber, whatsapp)

MAIL paradise150276@gmail.com,
Цена2200000 евро
Категория Недвижимость / Квартиры комнаты
Имя пользователяBLjiljana
РегионМосква и Московская обл.
Город/населенный пунктМосква
Сайт Д
Телефон показать телефон
Дата размещения26.04.2019
Дата окончания действия29.10.2019
Количество просмотров39
Ключевые слова квартиры
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